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Childrens dentistry

Good oral health starts in early childhood. By bringing your baby or young children along with you every time you attend a dental appointment (even if they don’t have teeth of their own yet), you’re giving them a gentle message that visiting the dentist regularly is just part of everyday life. It makes us less scary and them more likely to care for their teeth as they grow up.


Once those cute first teeth make an appearance, we encourage you to register your child as a patient and bring them along for regular check-ups. To make things as convenient as possible for you, we can see you as a family so that your children can watch you have your check-up first and know they have nothing to worry about. During their early years, we often only need to have a quick look to check that everything’s fine – they can even sit on your lap while we take a peek in their mouth.

We will always give you lots of practical advice about looking after your child’s teeth, including tips for wriggly toddlers and pre-schoolers who just don’t want a toothbrush near them or older children who try to cut tooth brushing corners!

Hathersage Dental Surgery has a fun and friendly atmosphere. A crying child or lots of giggling isn’t going to bother anyone – in fact, it brightens up our day to hear the chatter of children in reception. All of our team enjoy working with children and we are passionate about providing a family-friendly service.

“It’s such a relief to find a dental practice that makes children feel relaxed and welcome. My two children take a visit to the dentist in their stride because it’s always been such an easy, fun experience.”

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