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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be one of the most effective ways of making over your smile. By making your teeth several shades whiter, they look younger, healthier and even straighter. In fact, whitening teeth tends to minimise the appearance of flaws and give you a massive boost of confidence.

Teeth whitening is non-invasive, safe and simple, making it the ideal treatment if you want to improve your smile for a special occasion or if you simply want to transform the appearance of your smile in a convenient, affordable way.

Home teeth whitening

At Hathersage Dental Surgery, we offer two different home teeth whitening systems – the Optident White Dental Beauty Kit and the Enlighten Evolution Whitening System.

Optident White Dental Beauty

is a market leader in teeth whitening systems and has been used by professional dentists globally for more than 20 years. The teeth whitening gels use a unique patented formula and are kind to your teeth, while achieving excellent results. The ingredients minimise the risk of sensitivity and keep your teeth well hydrated.


is the technology leader in professional teeth whitening and the only whitening system in the world to guarantee its results. It uses custom-made trays that are perfectly fitted to your teeth. These are filled with low concentration whitening gels and worn for a specific amount of time every day (usually overnight) for 14 days. You will then need to come into the surgery for a final power boost.

The Enlighten system is guaranteed to bring your teeth to the lightest natural shade on the Vita scale, which is the shade guide used by dentists across the globe.


OptidentWhite Dental Beauty £275

Enlighten £500

“After I gave up smoking, my stained, yellow teeth were a constant reminder of my old habit and the damage I’d done to my body. I can believe what a difference the Enlighten System has made to my teeth. It’s like a fresh start.”

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